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DIVE+ wins Grand Prize at the LODLAM Summit in Venice!

We are excited to announce that DIVE+ has been awarded the Grand Prize at the LODLAM Summit, held at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini this week. The summit brought together ~100 experts in the vibrant and global community of Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives and Museums. It is organised bi-annually since 2011. Earlier editions were held in the US, Canada and Australia, making the 2017 edition the first in Europe.

The Grand Prize (USD$2,000) was awarded by the LODLAM community. It’s recognition of how DIVE+ demonstrates social, cultural and technical impact of linked data. The Open Data Prize (of USD$1,000) was awarded to WarSampo for its groundbreaking approach to publish open data.

Fondazione Giorgio Cini. Image credit: Johan Oomen CC-BY.

Five finalists were invited to present their work, selected from a total of 21 submissions after an open call published earlier this year. Johan Oomen, head of research at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision presented DIVE+ on day one of the summit. The slides of his pitch have been published, as well as the demo video that was submitted to the open call. Next to DIVE+ (Netherlands) and WarSampo (Finland) the finalists were Oslo public library (Norway), Fishing in the Data Ocean (Taiwan) and Genealogy Project (China). The diversity of the finalists is a clear indication that the use of linked data technology is gaining momentum. Throughout the summit, delegates have been capturing the outcomes of various breakout sessions. Please look at the overview of session notes and follow @lodlam on Twitter to keep track.

Pictured: Johan Oomen (@johanoomen) pitching DIVE+. Photo: Enno Meijers.

DIVE+ is an event-centric linked data digital collection browser aimed to provide an integrated and interactive access to multimedia objects from various heterogeneous online collections. It enriches the structured metadata of online collections with linked open data vocabularies with focus on events, people, locations and concepts that are depicted or associated with particular collection objects. DIVE+ is the result of a true interdisciplinary collaboration between computer scientists, humanities scholars, cultural heritage professionals and interaction designers. DIVE+ is integrated in the national CLARIAH (Common Lab Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) research infrastructure.

Pictured: each day experts shape the agenda for that day, following the OpenSpace format. Image credit: Johan Oomen (cc-by)

DIVE+ is a research project funded by the NLeSC and lead by Lora Aroyo and is a collaborative effort of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Victor de Boer, Oana Inel, Lora Aroyo, Chiel van den Akker, Susane Legene), Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Jaap Blom, Liliana Melgar, Johan Oomen), Frontwise (Werner Helmich), University of Groningen (Berber Hagendoorn, Sabrina Sauer) and the Netherlands eScience Centre (Carlos Martinez). It is also supported by CLARIAH and NWO . Read more about the LODLAM prize.

This is the second significant prize for DIVE+, previously we won the 3rd prize at the Semantic Web challenge in 2014.


The LODLAM Challenge was generously sponsored by Synaptica. We would also like to thank the organisers, especially Valentine Charles and Antoine Isaac of Europeana and Ingrid Mason of Aarnet for all of their efforts. LODLAM 2017 has been a truly unforgettable experience for the DIVE+ team.

DIVE+ and Digital Humanities

Throughout November and December DIVE+ will star in the minor Digital Humanities, specifically in the course Digital Hermeneutics and Visualisation. The minor is a collaboration of both UvA and VU, in which the focus is put on computational approaches in humanities research. The course focusses on the history and practice of Digital Hermeneutics; students will learn to analyse different techniques to present digital data and search results.

During the course the students will use DIVE+ as an example for creating a visualisation of a narrative. They will also evaluate DIVE+, the results of this will be used in a master’s thesis by Annemarie on the usability of DIVE in an educational setting.

Digital Humanities Crash Course

On October 21 Victor hosted a demonstration of DIVE during the Digital Humanities Crash Course at UvA.  Approximately 20 participants from different disciplines, mostly humanities, joined the demo. The participants got the opportunity to get a feel for DIVE by playing around with it, and searching for their own preferred research subject.

After exploring DIVE, the participants were asked to fill in a short questionnaire of which we will analyse the results shortly. This evaluation will give us some early feedback on the tool which can be used in further development of the project and in Annemarie’s thesis.