The DIVE project consists of multiple parts that can be run and maintained independently from one another. The heart of the project is a triple store database that contains the data that can be browsed in the GUI. The database used is ClioPatria but any triple store that provides a SPARQL endpoint could be used instead. ClioPatria is based on Prolog and is open source. The source code can be found on Github at /ClioPatria/ClioPatria.

The GUI used to dive into the data in the triple store is called the DIVEGUI. It was build by Frontwise specifically for the DIVE project. The backend is written in PHP using the Symphony framework. A sql database is used for storing data specific to the GUI. For the frontend HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 was used togehter with libraries jQuery, Velocity.js, Hammer.js and Moment.js. Its source of the GUI has been made available on Github at /CrowdTruth/DIVE.

Data in the triple store can be enriched by crowd sourcing. The crowd can be asked to add missing information or to correct existing data. For example, the crowd can be asked about the exact type of certain events or relations. To manage such crowd sourcing jobs, CrowdTruth is used. Besides crowd sourcing, CrowdTruth can also perform certain machine annotation tasks using NLP and computer vision methods. The source code for the CrowdTruth framework is on Github at /CrowdTruth/CrowdTruth.

A data management dashboard is planned to be built. This dashboard will make it possible to correct data from the triple store or select data that need to be enriched. Using the dashboard it will be possible to upload tasks to CrowdTruth and keep an overview of the status of submitted tasks. Its source can be found on Github at /biktorr/divedashboard.